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EnergoClub Onlus
Association experts, researchers,
innovators and enthusiasts of renewable energy and efficient technologies
An international club to address what is probably the biggest challenge of modern civilization: the conversion of the energy system-based on-depletable sources to a sustainable system based on renewable
energy sources ... more  ................................................    
Anyone can join EnergoClub - just to give moral support to those who are working for a sustainable and energy efficient - or to collaborate in person for the purpose of and
to be protagonists of change.
The associates can cooperate in projects
and initiatives on one or more levels..more
To address and solve the energy used to have a road map for the medium-long term...more
The Road Map general drift National Energy Plan...more
Services for Members
Assert class energy efficiency of your home and then determine the priorities of action
on how to reduce your energy consumption efficiently but also convenient in terms of spending...more
Want to be an expert in managing energy in your home? Want to know all the systems to minimize your consumption? Want to establish priorities for action and to choose the best people working in this sector? The Lessons EnergoClub designed for our members, answers these questions and needs ...more
Latest news
By 2050 the Spain intends to leave behind fossil fuels. In fact, based on the findings of a detailed report of ITT in Madrid, can really do ...
In Germany an offshore platform for the installation of a wind power plant by 330 MW.
It will be installed at 35 chiometri northeast of the island of Reugen and is composed of 80 turbines with a capacity of 4 MW each
22/12/2007 19:14Biofuels from algae
A system of high-efficiency conversion of sunlight photosynthetic with algae cultured in a controlled environment is testing at two start-up companies in the United States and Spain.
The Department of Energy (DOE) has launched a programme to develop large-scale solar thermodynamic. The goal requires an installed capacity of 35,000 MWp by 2020 ...