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Solar thermodynamic in USA22/12/2007 18:09

The energy in the USA is increasingly debated. Strongly recommend readers to see the film made by Al Gore.
The level of awareness of the energy problem is high in a large part of America, the fate (some would say) and the misfortune want is not the government.

That someone, however, by a decision to push solar thermodynamic in America, and toward renewable energy, is not new. The Energy Department, equivalent to the sum of a part of some of our ministries (business, environment, economy) has launched a program, with adequate financial support to develop technologies to support the use of solar concentration in large scale. In particular, will be promoted and financed projects riguardaqnti accumulation thermal engineering of plants, the new and more modern systems.

The objective of this programme in the medium long term, which is attended by private companies that public bodies, is to reduce the cost of product kWh from the current $ 13-17 cents / kWh to $ 7-10 c / kWh in 2015 and $ 5-7 c / kWh in 2020.

This is unique because in America are doing what we should do in Italy to meet the objectives of the Community, with 35,000 MW of power for 2020 and 80Mt less CO2 would pleased "Mr. Kyoto and the prof. Rubbia and the solar thermodynamic has played credibility and a good part of "liver".

Departement of Energy

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