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Only renewables in Spain in 205023/12/2007 11:00
By 2050 the Spain could leave behind fossil fuels. In fact, based on the findings of a very detailed report that Greenpeace has commissioned the ITT (Instituto de Investigaciones Tecnologicas) Pontifical University of Comillas Madrid, can really decide to do so.

The analysis takes into account the main factors influencing the availability of resources, what are the limits of environmental protection and the various destinations of land-use, the link between demand and effective potential for generation, transmission capacity of the national network . The main recipients of the results of this study are the Spanish policy which in updating the national energy plan along with investment in the future and consistent implementation of infrastructure, will take into account attributed to the immense potential renewable on the basis of detailed analysis of the ITT, and the opportunities that this offers in combating climate change in Corsican.

Writing a scenario that ejecta, so realistic, energy demand (1,525 TWh / year) and the national population (38 million of Spain.) Scheduled for the middle of the twenty-first century, the report concludes that the potential of renewables can get to overcome the total energy needs of the Iberian peninsula even 56.42 times. The estimate excludes the use of protected areas, a total equal to 28% of the territory, and indeed shows that would be a sufficient surface equal to 5.3% of the territory to satisfy the total demand for energy.

The diversification of the national territory can provide an energy mix rather differently, distributed in such a way as to allow each of the fifteen regions independently meet the domestic needs. It will produce energy photovoltaic, solar thermal, geothermal, hydro, biomass from, from waves, wind terrestrial and marine, solar through fireplaces.

The main resource is that the solar radiation, solar thermal and photovoltaic, produce more than 37 times the total needs, then follows the use of energy from wind, and off the coasts and on the mainland, for a total of nine times the energy needed for the country.
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