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Anyone can join EnergoClub - just to give moral support to those who are working for a sustainable and energy efficient - or to collaborate in person for the purpose of and to be protagonists of change.
The associates can cooperate in projects and initiatives on one or more levels

Level 1 - Individual
The first level is individual character, is the assessment of possible actions for their own energy saving and for the installation of technological systems based on renewable energy or more sustainable and applicable in their home or for their transport.
E 'level in the most practical and perhaps most important, this initial level of activity associated with that we can make EnergoClub gives value to all other initiatives, as the best policy is still "good example".
All we can devote to these activities, for the less experienced, or for those who want to understand better how to act were prepared some tools that allow you to photograph the current energy consumption staff and identify actions to be taken to reduce it as much as possible with the least expenditure. If you are interested to have recommendations for energy saving staff to write

Level 2 - Company
At the second level are the activities within the association, so if you are a webmaster and / or graphic and / or a fan of energy and / or an expert on energy savings and renewable energies, etc.. "Or just have time can spend, you can collaborate with other members to the activities of the association and / or participate in initiatives and projects in Corsican, through one or more working groups
Essentially the second level of activity you create communication tools and content to be disseminated information, the correct information is a good policy to be developed
If you are interested in being a protagonist inside of us at

Level 3 - Public
At the third level are activities aimed outside of group: Meeting with citizenship, petitions, fairs and conferences, initiatives towards policy and institutional reforms.
Anyone who has experienced or is prepared to have public relations may participate in these activities, interested parties can do this by writing to:
Among the many activities already undertaken activities is the development of a National Energy Plan to be submitted at the beginning of 2008, policy, the draft drawn up in processing is to page
You can participate all'elaborato or simply express an opinion on both the merits and be content writing to:
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